10x Faster than Drilling

Customer Testimony

A manufacturer of garage storage systems significantly increased production with UniPunch.

The Challenge

“Drilling holes became too slow for us. Rhino Shelf is a fast-growing, high-quality company and product. We are committed to being American-made and holding ourselves to the highest standards of quality and performance. UniPunch seemed to share that commitment, so we reached out to them to create custom tooling for our parts.”

Working with UniPunch

“The entire process with UniPunch was excellent, from the first time we contacted them through delivery of the tooling. UniPunch’s team was FAST, EFFICIENT, and PROFESSIONAL. UniPunch’s communication was excellent. Drafts of our tooling were done quickly. We refined the drafts and, once finalized, the UniPunch system arrived at our facility. Setup for Unipunch was easy with our press brake.”

We can punch parts TEN TIMES faster than drilling

Speeding up Production

“Once we put UniPunch to work, we knew that we made the right decision.  We can punch parts TEN TIMES faster than drilling. Before UniPunch, we had an extensive deburring process. That has now been eliminated. Most importantly, Unipunch is extremely SAFE. Our employees are the best and their safety is more important than any other function of the company. Drill presses can be unsafe in several ways, but our punching process is BY FAR the safer option.”

The Tooling Pays for Itself

“Safer, faster, more efficient. By our calculations, each setup pays for itself in 14 weeks.”

“We have now transitioned our most common parts to UniPunch tooling exclusively and, due to the excellent results that we’ve achieved, will be transitioning ALL of our parts quickly.”

“I want to thank Howard Stream and the entire UniPunch team for their attention to detail, their fantastic service, and their product that has revolutionized the way we manufacture Rhino Shelf – the best garage storage shelving ever made.”


Aaron B. Carter


Innovative Design Technologies, LLC