What UniPunch offers is speed other technologies can’t match. Here are seven ways we outpace the other guys when it comes to punching holes in extruded or shaped parts.


Faster Production Speed

With a UniPunch system, you get more holes in parts per hour. If you’re finishing 400 parts in a day now, imagine 2,400 instead.


Faster Into Production

We can provide most UniPunch tooling within days, so there’s no need for you to wait weeks or even months as you would with other technologies.


Faster Setup Time

When you need to change from part to part, UniPunch tooling accommodates. Simply swap out one of our dedicated setups for another with little wait time. It’s a marvel how easy the process is. As one UniPunch customer reported, “Using dedicated setups allows us to pull a set up off the storage rack, put it in the press and be producing parts faster than we could set up a CNC machine.” See how this client did it in just 92 seconds.


Ease of Use

We designed UniPunch tooling to be easy for you, the user. It takes little time to train team members on our systems.


Fewer Bottlenecks

When manufacturers have a backlog of work for a piece of equipment—drill, laser, CNC machine or other tool—they have a problem. Processes occurring later in production stall, costing money and threatening deadlines. Customers who use UniPunch systems eliminate many of these delays.


Simple Maintenance

Maintenance is simple and fast with the UniPunch system. There’s no need to completely disassemble the tool or remove it from the shop floor as there is with other technologies like die sets. On a UniPunch system, you can easily replace punches and dies in the press.


Easily Accommodate Design Changes

Parts and designs change over time. That’s why it’s important for manufacturers to have systems that can adapt to change. Our tooling can quickly adjust to meet new specifications, which means shorter wait times.

Why is Speed So Important?

Processing time matters. When a piece of steel enters a factory, it spends most of its time waiting to be worked on than the actual work it receives. Even if you achieve just-in-time delivery of your steel, it can still spend most of the time waiting.

So what is it waiting for? And what can you do about it? Parts wait for the parts ahead of them to be finished, and that is why processing time matters. With faster processing times you help not only the part being worked on, you reduce the wait time for all the parts coming afterward.

Experience Faster Production

A faster solution is waiting. Contact us today to see how we can help your company experience faster production.

7 Reasons to Use UniPunch