Over six decades and counting, UniPunch has helped manufacturers in all sorts of industries save money. Take a look at these success stories below.

“UniPunch’s team was fast, efficient, and professional. UniPunch’s communication was excellent.” “We can punch parts ten times faster than drilling. Before UniPunch, we had an extensive deburring process. That has now been eliminated.”

– Aaron Carter, Rhino Self

“Having the UniPunch system in place has helped ensure the safety and quality of our product.”

– Chris Lansing, Lansing Housing Products

“Working with UniPunch engineers was very easy, very quick, and when we installed the die it punched a perfect part on the very first hit.” 

– Shawn Moline, Impress Inc.

“Before we used to do 20 (holes) a day, and now we are doing well over one hundred a day. The accuracy is there versus when you do one at a time, you always have an error.”

– Bob Layland, Diversified Construction Co.

“The main advantage of the UniPunch system is the time savings and the uniformity of the verticals compared to what we were doing.”  “The efficiency of the UniPunch system has saved us a lot of time, plus it gets our product out to the customer faster.”

– Jeff Westcott, J & S Repair

“The custom punches and dies UniPunch made for us save us thousands per year. We can make parts at about 1 per second, with virtually zero rejects. The units can be disassembled in minutes for sharpening and lubrication. UniPunch also machines the plate the units are bolted to – just bolt your punches and guide pins down and start making parts. 1/1000th accuracy is easy to maintain.”

– Justin Breithaupt, Non-Stop Scaffolding, Inc.

“Two and a half minutes per part wasn’t bad, but with the UniPunch system I’m down to 30 seconds. It’s hard to argue with that.”

– Corey Ebbert, Ebbco Machine and Fabrication

“…I deal with automation all the time. I know what’s out there and what’s available. UniPunch is unique. It doesn’t cost that much to acquire.”

– Large HVAC Manufacturer of Duct Work

“We had a special problem with an intricate, strangely-shaped extrusion so we contacted UniPunch. The setup works perfectly…we make 5,000 to 6,000 pieces a day on this one setup.”

– Libio Ramirez, Safety and Production Supervisor at Ultra Industries in Walnut, CA

“UniPunch tooling provides us with the flexibility we need…”

– James Perry, Maintenance Supervisor at Fort Wayne Pools

“The big advantage of UniPunch tooling is that you can move the units around on the templates, you can change setups, you can do a lot of different things.”

– Ron Spring, Plant Tooling Manager at Butler Manufacturing Company in Galesburg, IL

“This is the only way we could make this part. The only other way would be a die set and that would cost a lot of money.”

– Manufacturer of High Quality Lock Sets

“We’re making a windshield mullion for Peterbilt that is a 3/4-inch wide strip, half round, and we use modified UniPunch pedestal dies to punch holes down through it. There is really no other way we could make that part.”

– Mark Reed, Technical Rep at Magni-Fab in Howe, TX

“The secret to UniPunch for me is that it is easy to set up and you don’t have to invest a lot of money in tooling. UniPunch tooling is not rocket science… it’s very, very simple.”

– Utility Towers Manufacturer

“We have three lasers and two Trumpf turrets but we will never go away from UniPunch tooling. There are too many jobs that are not feasible to run on the turrets. It’s easier to run them with UniPunch and a press.”

– Fabricator of Recreational Vehicle Components

“We used to run a million pounds of steel a month. Now we try to run a million pounds a week.”

– Shelving and Cantilevered Storage Rack Manufacturer

“In the beginning people here said UniPunch is too old…it’s an old system. But now, everybody is saying, ‘Oh wow, we can take this job off the CNC machine and make it with UniPunch and realize two to three hours saved time on the CNC.’ Time on the CNC machine is expensive.”

– Jesus O. “Jessie” Flores, Manufacturing Engineer Planning / Estimating Manager at Fabcon in Santa Anna, CA

“We rely on UniPunch engineering to assist us when we are not sure how we can punch a certain part. We just call UniPunch, and they give us an idea or a preliminary sketch or drawing showing what we need to do.”

– Tim Beauman, Tooling Designer at Cooper B-Line in Highland, IL

“Once it’s set up and you have your template made, it’s a breeze… just a snap.”

– Dave Harmeyer, Engineering Manager at The Metalworking Group in Cincinnati, OH

“We had to justify buying [UniPunch] dedicated tooling to the owner, but this was pretty easy to justify. We operate on JIT. We reduced our steel inventory by 80%, $5 million a year. We increased our number of runs per year because we don’t have to worry about setup time. We’re doing more with less. Our vendors come in and deliver steel, batteries, etc., weekly. We reduced our inventory and have almost doubled our output.”

– Special Purpose Vehicles Manufacturer

“In heating and cooling we’re number one, the largest in the world. We didn’t get there by waiting for parts. That’s why we use UniPunch tooling because it’s fast.”

– HVAC Equipment Manufacturer

“When you can punch numerous holes at one lick instead of waiting for a turret to go through the process one hole at a time…unitized tooling is a lot more convenient, quicker and a lot more economical.”

– Frank Trusty, Senior Buyer at Southern Fabricators, Inc. in Memphis, TN

“If we have a sheet of metal that only gets four square notches in it, it’s a lot faster to run it through the UniPunch tooling than it is to put it on the turret where you have to reposition the material. With UniPunch you just hit it once, turn the material and hit it again and you’re done.”

– Richmond Godfrey, Manufacturing Engineer at Master-Bilt in New Albany, MS

“The UniPunch tooling paid for itself right away, just on the time we opened up on the turrets. I figured out that we saved about 40 hours a month on the turret by going to UniPunch tooling.”

– Jay Wirt, Quality Engineer at M&S Industrial Metal Fabrication in Huntington, IN

“The laser and the CNC can’t compete with UniPunch tooling as far as producing high volume parts, fast.”

– Steelcase