Here are the steps to assemble UniPunch tooling and punch a specific hole pattern. Once the setup is completed, you are ready to punch all the holes in a single press stroke. To begin, just send us your part drawing. We will recommend the tooling and mounting system to help you punch parts fast!

These example parts have a basic five hole pattern in a 3” x 12” x .060” sheet metal blank. Hole sizes are (4) .2656″ diameter holes and (1) .3750″ diameter hole.

1: Begin by locating the dowel pin stops in the ½” reamed holes on the template.

2: Tighten the pin stops to the template with the hex key wrench.

3: Position the UniPunch units in the holes on the template. A 3/8” diameter pilot pin at the base of the unit goes into the 3/8” reamed hole in the template.

4: Tighten the UniPunch units to the template with the hex key wrench.

5: Position two units on opposite sides of template and tighten bolts.

6: The pin gauges will locate the part and the four UniPunch will produce the outer hole pattern.

7: Position the remaining unit onto the template. This unit will punch the center hole in the part.

8: Now the part gauges and UniPunch units are fully assembled and ready to produce parts.

9: Insert part blank and ensure that the part engages against the dowel pin stops prior to punching.

10: Here is the view of the part blank correctly positioned against pin stops.

11: Punch a test part for inspection. UniPunch recommends checking hold down bolts at frequent intervals during part runs to ensure accuracy.

You now have a UniPunch tooling system that punches five holes in one stroke of the press!

The hole pattern is always the same, which makes assembly easier. If your design changes, simply adjust the location of the punching units. Store complete setups on the shelf for quick and easy installation.

Let us help you get started, call or email a part drawing to UniPunch.