G Series Overview

Round Hole Punching Units with Standard 7 1/2″ Shut Height and 3 1/8″ Die Height

“G” series punching units are designed for close center-to-center hole punching in extrusions, roll formed parts and sheets used by Aluminum Extrusion Fabricators, Storm Window Manufacturers and the Aircraft Industry. Available “G” series holder width is: 3/4”. Holder width is important because it defines the minimum hole to hole distance. The triple spring guide provides extra stripping power for material up to 1/8” (3.2mm) thickness. The adjustable punch head on the triple spring unit extends tool life, allowing for 1/4″ grind life on the punch. Depending on your material thickness, punch diameters are available from .0937” (2.38mm) to .3125” (7.94mm). (For thicker punching applications, see the “A” or “B” series.)

UniPunch provides round punch and die pairs made to your specifications that allow you to punch burr-free holes with minimal maintenance. The ¾” wide holders are available with a fixed base “G” for straight line holes or with an adjustable base “GA” for staggered hole patterns with 1 ½” front to back adjustment. “G” series units are easily mounted to standard press brake beds using the UniPunch 5110 Bed Rail as shown in the photos below.

G Series Units without part.

G Series Units with part.