TP-2 3/8 Unit Overview

Tube & Pipe Punching Unit

The TP-2 3/8 unit provides two sided punching in round or square tubes. Each assembly top and bottom contains a punch to pierce two holes in-line on each side of the tube. The tubing is supported on all sides during punching. If only one hole is desired, the removal of the bottom punch accommodates this option. The units require upper and lower templates. One template is attached to the ram of the press, the other to the bed. A tube is placed into the lower assembly, the ram is then lowered for line up adjustment, and the units are then secured to the templates and are ready to punch holes. Due to lack of die, unsupported tubes dimple when punched, creating a recess for fasteners. (For dimple free holes, see the “TP-2M” mandrel series.)

The TP-2 3/8 is designed for punching tube diameters from 1 5/16” O.D. (33.34mm) to 2 3/8” O.D. (60.33mm) round or square. Depending on your material thickness, punch diameters are available from .0937” (2.38mm) to .500” (12.7mm). To order, specify the size of the tube, diameter of the hole, wall thickness and type of material.