The Fastest Way to Punch Pipe and Tube:

Use the fastest method for punching multiple holes in pipe and immediately increase production. 

Fast Pipe Punch & Die Tooling

Rapidly punch multiple holes in just seconds. Save on time, labor costs and training with these easy-to-use pipe and tube punching systems and gain the competitive advantage you need to outpace other manufacturers.

Fastest Production Speed

Punch more holes in more parts per hour. If you’re finishing 400 parts in a day now, imagine 2,400 instead.

Faster Into Production

We can provide most UniPunch tooling within days, so there’s no need for you to wait months.

Faster Setup Time

Faster changeover from part to part.

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Our experts have helped thousands of manufacturers increase their speed of production.

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Tube Punching Equipment

Pipe Punching With Mandrel

For dimple-free holes in pipe, UniPunch provides custom mandrel style hole punching units.

Pipe Punching Capabilities

We have a wide variety of pipe punching units to provide you with the solutions you need. Check out our capabilities and see why companies across the globe choose us as their pipe punch and die manufacturer.

Punching Configurations

  • Punch (2) dimpled holes from the top and bottom simultaneously with the TP-1 1/4 or TP-2 3/8
  • Punch (1) dimpled hole and (1) clean hole from the top of the tube in a single downward motion with the TP-2
  • Punch (2) holes horizontally from both sides simultaneously with a custom setup.
  • And more!



Available Shapes

Punch a variety of shapes in metal and other materials. Have a custom shape in mind? No problem. We can customize our punches to fit your needs.

How It Works

UniPunch uses C-Frame technology to rapidly punch holes in metal and other materials. See how this unique system works along with its easy operation.

Why Choose UniPunch?

With a UniPunch, you get speed, ease of use and rapid changeover that other companies can’t match. Discover seven ways we outpace other tooling.

Manufacturers Love Saving Time with UniPunch

Here is what just a few of them had to say:

“When I came in, they didn’t know about UniPunch. It used to take them three weeks to complete 300 locks…now we’re making 600 in one week just because I knew about the UniPunch system and was able to teach them how to use it and pick up our production.”

– Lock Set and Door Hardware Manufacturer

“The operators like working with the tooling. Once it’s set up and you have your template made, it’s a breeze…just a snap.

– Dave,
Engineering Manager
The Metalworking Group

“Without costing an arm and a leg, there is just no other way to do it. The labor would be outrageous.

– Tim,
Tooling Designer
Cooper B-Line

Manufacturer Case Study

By choosing UniPunch, the punch and die manufacturer known for its unmatched speed, this company was able to produce an essential part five times faster! See how they did it.

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