Transforming Strip Metal into Precise Blanks

Transforming Strip Metal into Precise Blanks

Looking to punch blanks quickly and efficiently? UniPunch has the solution you need. Our custom metal blanking tooling streamlines your production process with accuracy and speed.

Effortless Metal Blanking

Metal blanking involves cutting flat sheets or strips of metal into precise shapes or blanks for further fabrication. UniPunch’s easy to use system makes this process effortless and reliable.

How UniPunch Transforms Sheet Metal into Precise Blanks

  1. Setup: Position the dowel pin stops in the reamed holes on your template. Place the UniPunch unit(s) in the designated holes with the pilot pins in the bottom of the c-frame.
  2. Positioning: Align your sheet metal strip against the dowel pin stops to ensure proper positioning before punching.
  3. Punching: With the setup complete, you’re ready to blank parts. UniPunch tooling allows you to punch multiple blanks in a single stroke, producing precise parts efficiently.
  4. Inspection: Inspect the blanks to ensure they meet your specifications. UniPunch recommends checking hold-down bolts frequently during part runs to maintain accuracy.

Get Started with UniPunch

Let UniPunch help you optimize your manufacturing process. Contact us today with your part drawing, and our team will recommend the best tooling solution for your needs.