AJ Series Overview

Hole Punching Units with Standard 8 3/8″ Shut Height and 3 1/2″ Die Height

“AJ” series punching units are ideal for punching angles, channels, extrusions and other formed parts. Available “AJ” series holder widths are: 1”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, 2” and 2 ½”. Holder width is important because it defines the minimum hole to hole distance. The “AJ” series is widely used in industry to punch mild steel up to 1/4″ thickness. Depending on your material thickness, punch diameters are available from .0937” (2.38mm) to 1.500” (38.10mm). (For thicker punching applications, see the “AH” series.)

The AJ Adapter Unit contains a two piece die combination of a die base which accepts the button die. One benefit of using the AJ Unit with a die adapter is the ability to change die sizes for multiple materials, at a lower cost. Pedestal style dies are an interchangeable option with the die adapter.

(Left) Die Adapter with Button Die.
(Right) Pedistal Die

The AJ Pedestal Unit contains a one piece pedestal die commonly used for punching close to a leg of angles, channels and extrusions. Pedestal dies are often modified to accommodate special formed parts.

Progressive Angle Punching

Modified Pedestal Die for Punching Extrusions

In addition to a wide range of standard round and shaped punches and dies, UniPunch provides punch and die pairs in shapes custom made to your specifications. Like most other series, the “A” series is available with holder throat depths of 4”, 8” and 12”, which means the center of the hole can be that distance from the edge of the sheet.

UniPunch units are rugged holders that allow you to punch burr-free holes with minimal maintenance. Various mounting methods are available including dedicated templates for fast changeover at the press.