UniPunch and Unittool Have Joined Forces

Clear Lake, Wisconsin,


UniPunch Products, Inc. and Unittool announced today that the brands will be combined to create the industry leader in C-Frame tooling.

“This collaboration between the brands has been a long time in the making,” said Jon Summers, president at UniPunch. “The friendly competition between Unittool and UniPunch has made both product offerings stronger over the years, and the added benefit of single-point manufacturing and sales support will enable us to serve the marketplace well for many years to come.”

Both brands have provided high quality punching, shearing and notching tooling for more than 60 years, with customers around the world.  The combined reach of the two companies accounts for more than 95% of all C-Frame tooling purchased in North America.

“When my father started this business more than fifty years ago, his goal was to take care of his customers, his employees and his family” said Leonard Deni, president at Unittool. “We’re incredibly proud of his legacy, and that this partnership will continue that legacy.”

This initiative will merge the product offering, sales channels and manufacturing to efficiently serve the entire marketplace with both brands from a single location.

The manufacturing and sales support for the combined brands will be in Wisconsin.

Speed up Production

When Diversified Construction Co. needed a faster way to make holes in heavy channel, they chose the UniPunch system. With an ironworker, punching holes one-at-a-time was just too slow. Now using UniPunch, they punch a row of 9 holes in one stroke of the press! Diversified Construction Co. went from producing 20 parts per day to well over 100.


Before, with Ironworker:










After, with UniPunch:










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Short Lead Times

In this new year, as we reflect on 2021, we cannot help but think of all the challenges the manufacturing industry has faced, especially supply chain issues.

It is important to us that our customers know that UniPunch tooling lead times remain short. Our products are made in the USA and ship fast from Wisconsin. We continually improve our machinery and manufacturing processes to increase production and provide a quick turnaround.

The vast majority of products ship within a couple days. When you need punches and dies, you can be confident that UniPunch will ship them fast!


Eliminate Deburring and Speed Up Production

Switch from Drilling to Punching

When Echo, Inc. began punching aluminum and steel pipe shafts instead of drilling, they were able to eliminate the deburring process. Speeding up production time was important as Echo punches several different diameter shafts for commercial landscape equipment, including trimmers, edgers, power pruners and more. When it’s time to punch a different diameter, they simply swap out one UniPunch tool for another.

The UniPunch system is used to make thousands of different components and products every day. Manufacturers punching parts with C-frame tooling come from all different industries and the products range from hinges to lighting to truck trailers, to name just a few. Production speed and hole quality are important to our customers. That’s why they choose UniPunch.

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Punching Exhaust Tubing

A manufacturer of exhaust systems utilizes UniPunch tooling to punch slots in tubing.

The purpose of the slots is to allow the tube to be assembled into the inside diameter of the muffler. In this case, the slot locations were not critical, but UniPunch does offer custom gauging for when precise locating is necessary. When you need to punch more than one size of tubing, UniPunch provides mandrel dies to fit each tube diameter.

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Less Time… More Parts. 2020 Update

In 2018, we talked to Jeff, a manufacturer of animal enclosures, who was punching flat bars one hole at a time with an ironworker. It was time consuming and the hole-to-hole accuracy was difficult to maintain. He started punching all of the holes in one hit with the UniPunch system and went from making 60 parts per hour to 600!

In early August 2020, Jeff called to buy more punches and reported that he had just finished a run of 1,900 verticals (the flat bars used for hog enclosures) and his UniPunch units were going strong.

Watch the video to learn more:

Punching Holes in Aluminum J Channel

Lansing Housing Products needed to make holes in a small J channel. Drilling was time consuming and not accurate enough. They contacted UniPunch and the engineering team designed a punch and modified pedestal die to fit into their part.

The cycle time with the UniPunch system is only 10 seconds. And the punched holes are clean and on-center, maintaining the tight tolerances that Lansing Housing Products requires for installing their child safety screens.